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Passion Equals Success

CMA Admin | Published on the fri 11 Dec 2020, 7:54 pm | 1432 Views

Success requires more than just learning. It involves Passion, commitment, consistency,
and most of all FUN! and having a Community of Support so you can take ACTION.

When you are passionate you create enthusiasm, engagement, and energy, which in turn creates a very powerful public appeal.
When you have passion, you can accomplish anything. ANYTHING!

What is a Passion?

Passion is when you focus your time, energy and actions into a something, (a person, a project, a business ) that will move you, your family, or your business forward by re-newing and re-energizing you and your surroundings, giving you an open door for you to express your voice, your intention, increasing your visibility and your opportunities. Passion can attract new life, new people, and new opportunities while charging your mind and body with endless love for living! Who doesn’t want that? Passion is something that makes you come alive and gets you excited for what comes next!

What are your passions?

What are you passionate about? Is it cooking, sewing, gardening? Maybe it's accounting, (yes I know, but some folks are passionate about numbers !) or maybe it's Yoga, Karate, or even car mechanics.

What ever it might be, likely you have had an idea or 2 burning on the back burner, or even been afraid to start to work on it to begin with. (I might screw it up, this fabric is too expensive to make a mistake, what if my cake melts in the rain (ha ha, you might have to be my age to get that last metaphor.

Does any of that sound familiar? You’ve been thinking about it for a while. Maybe you keep pushing it back in your mind or on your calendar, but you have to be courageous, and your passionate ideas have to start somewhere.

What you’re passionate about will create the success you need for you to succeed your way, because it is something you love, and is also fun (HA, see where the fun filters into success).
Join Me and others at Color My Agenda so we can all learn, and boost our passions and creatives together, into a profitable hobby, or blossoming side business.

Yep, that's what this is all about, to help you squelch that negative voice, learn new things, and turn passionate dreams into reality and success, in as many ways as possible!

You don’t have to know what hobby or talent you have before you join us and begin learning, sharing or participating. We’ll have discussions on all kinds of ideas, even and especially ones YOU add to the mix. You will see and read some thought-provoking articles and exercises onsite, and you’ll get to use some fun, creative tools, and discover new and exciting things to become passionate about!

Don't wait for the perfect time, learn or discover a hobby or skill  that you already have passion for, learn and get help to create the momentum you need, to help you put your passions into a fun and profitable business.

Put YOUR passion and creativity into a project that makes YOU come alive, re-energizes your life,, AND attracts just the right people and opportunities to you!

What can being a part our community do for you?

We will get YOU excited and enthusiastic about learning new things, and putting your hobbies and skills to work for you to better your life.

For Sharers, and instructors, we will help boost your online presence, easily drawing attention to you and your courses or business. Wouldn’t you like to attract the attention by sharing your expertise, and helping others? Become an Influencer!

We create an outlet for you to express yourself and your creativity! Step out and share your knowledge with others … and see who you attract!

We can help increase your VISIBILITY so that your ideal clients and customers can find you!

This website can easily help you attract more media attention, SEO, social media… just by putting your knowledge and expertise, as well as sharing experiences out into the world! PLUS! Many of the courses and discussions here we do not charge for, although we do have paid courses too. Many of our  instructors, influencers or course studies are given to you as the gift of learning. So what are you waiting for, come on over and join our community!

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