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Are You A Part of The P3 Club?

CMA Admin | Published on the sat 12 Dec 2020, 2:44 pm | 560 Views

This is something I like to call ...........

The Pied Piper Parrots Club!

Bet you didn't see that one coming huh ..

Let me explain a growing pet peeve I have.

Affiliate Promotion!

Yep, that's right..... let's clarify............

Affiliates are awesome, and making money through affiliate marketing is even more awesome, right? Of course.Here is what is not awesome. Endless upon endless emails from everyone you are connected to in any particular niche, that are exactly the same, word for word, (or close enough) with the same headline peaking out in your email boxes. You know what I'm talking about....... 

I am not going to call any particular headline or product out, but picture opening your email box and seeing THIS:

World's Best Gizmo, Hurry Only X amount of Days LeftWorld's Best Gizmo, Hurry Only X amount of Days LeftWorld's Best Gizmo, Hurry Only X amount of Days LeftWorld's Best Gizmo, Hurry Only X amount of Days LeftWorld's Best Gizmo, Hurry Only X amount of Days Left

I think you get the picture.


Why in the world do people do this, is it (laziness, uninspired, unsure, anything)What is the solution - Thanks for asking!

First let me bring up the subject of PLR, or white label, or anything you like to call it, the bottom line is it is a product which allows you to

1: sell as is if you choose to, and 2: allows you to completely re-brand, remix, and re-purpose the content into your own

Which do you think is best?

Number 2 of course.

Now based on this fact, why would you not use the same concept with the affiliate products you promote. Let's face it, if you are an affiliate for other products, you have to know others are promoting it as well, sometimes MANY people, so why in the world would anyone feel satisfied sending out the same canned sales emails as well.It simply does not make sense, does it?

Well this is one of the pet peeves that has been batting me in the face all year, and I finally decided to speak out for the cause, so to speak.I have been told before  that I should just keep my opinions to myself.

HA HA HA, NO! This coming from someone who thinks of themselves as a "Mentor" (synonymous with narcissist maybe lol) 

I am outspoken whether I am ranting about a pet peeve, or giving "unsolicited" advice, because it is a right to speak freely, and I certainly do. So with that said, I am not trying to offend anyone, and if for any reason my words hit home with anyone reading this, just know, it is NOT about you. 

Frankly, it is about an entire club of people, hence the Pied Piper Parrots Club, who follow the leader (another rant altogether lol) and do not realize that uniqueness is key. 

So next time you find yourself copy pasting the same old script every other affiliate is sending out too, take an hour and rewrite the dang thing with your own personality instead. Make it into an entirely different script, (your script) add graphics, add bonuses, which some already do, kudos, and make the darned product your own, in the sense that when your mailing list sees your headline and reads you script, they don't immediately say, "Oh  this again!" or dump it into the trash without opening. Worse, unsubscribing, which I have been doing a lot of lately for this very reason. 

This was the Parrot part of the club.... Parrots repeat what they hear, and in this case Parrots copy/paste what they read in the affiliate area. Those scripts, banners, and text links, are generally meant to be a guide. Unless otherwise stated, you should take every opportunity to make what you choose to promote, an extension of your own store, if you have one, and of your unique personality.  

Next Chapter.... What are the pied pipers pushing that turns everyone into parrots? Thanks for reading, this is basically something I have been thinking about awhile, and not only how irritating it is, but how much affiliates are really hurting themselves when they practice this type of marketing. I am not really sure it is good for reputation, respect, or trust, because isn't part of the success, getting folks to trust you, because you believe in what you say, and that you are not just following the rest of the pack of parrots talking the same ol same ol.... 

Anyway, this rant is over for now, I'll touch on another Parrot like behavior next time. Would love to hear your thoughts on this.

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