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Slow Down You Move Too Fast!

CMA Admin | Published on the sat 16 Jan 2021, 4:55 pm | 1331 Views

How many times have you written and finished a newsletter, post, article, product, email, etc, and then thought, time to hit the send button! Lot's of times, correct?. 

Slow Down, you move too fast.... got to make the morning last! 

Before you hit the send button, pull back, breathe, and take a day  Sleep and then come back, read it again, and you'll be surprised by a couple of things....

You will notice you made at least one really embarrassing typo, or mistake. It happens 80% on the average. Admit it, you know it has happened before!

You'll find better words and phrases to express your ideas, and some of what you wrote yesterday may make more sense in the interim, I guarantee it. 

This is one example of Haste Makes Waste... because at least one of 3 things happen, 

one you send it out, and feel somewhat embarrassed when you spot the mistake, and then you end up sending the Oooops email, after taking the time to go back and fix it, and resend it when you finally catch it. This is a time waster big time (pun intended). 

OR, you can take that extra time/day or even just a few hours, do something entirely different that needs doing, and come back and do as suggested above. 

WIN WIN for you, as you have not wasted any time because you accomplished something else while "taking the time" and once re read, if you did find any typos etc, it took you far less time to fix it and send it.... ONE TIME instead of twice 


Your welcome  lol!

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