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 Life Behind Closed Eyes of a Dreamer

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PostSubject: Life Behind Closed Eyes of a Dreamer Life Behind Closed Eyes of a Dreamer  Icon_minitimeMon 19 Jun 2023, 6:55 pm

Life Behind Closed Eyes of a Dreamer  Life-b10

The pain hits her so hard she wants to run from it, feeling the pain behind her eyes
she watches him walk away again.
This is happening each time he goes, as she watches him as he walks away, never looking back...
She remembers feeling a slight touch on her wrist as if you remind her, she was alive...

Why do I keep doing this to myself, she wonders as she finds herself sitting down at her computer.

What is so special about that mystery man, he just walks in, says nothing, only to leave just as fast?
Not realizing her fingers have been typing away, as if searching, for something, anything but where she is right now.

Pain hits her again, she wanted to scream, but she could not...

Looking at the computer screen, she sees photos start moving across, one by one, each one showcasing a place she should know, someone with gentle brown eyes, yet has no idea how she knows...
She has been to all those places before. Why must she remember?
Grass in multitude shades of green, with tiny flowers looking up to mountain tops covered in snow...
At that every moment she knew it was time...

Then the pain hits her again... Feeling a scream trying to get out..

She decides it was time to walk away, she packs her bags, she turns off her computer for the every last time,
looking again out the window, for the first time she sees the mountain range with its snow-covered tops.
Had those mountains been there all along?

She quickly writes a goodbye note to the mystery man... and starts to walking away,
taking the time to look around the room for one last time...
She's not even caring where those photos on her computer had been taken,
only the fact she wanted to be there, needed to be there, wanting so badly to be there...

She could already feel the grass between her toes... feel the snow in her hands...
She needed to get back to the mountains, not even sure how or why... Just that she had to go.

She looks around for one last time, only to see him standing there, the mystery man,
 and for the first time,
she sees he has wings.
Beautiful wings, so bright, so covered in shiny gold, The brightness of the wings almost blinds her...
She is confused, yet he smiles and points the way, as if to tell her, it’s time to go home.
Down that dark tunnel.
And just like that, he was gone.

The doctor watches her, as her eyelids start moving, her fingers slowly start moving, as if she was typing away on a computer only she could see.

The doctor remembers, she was driving on the snowy road in her beloved mountains while in a winter storm..and never making it around the curve..
It has been two years, she has been in his care..

The doctor remembers she was on her way home...
She opened her eyes just enough to see someone looking back at her with soft brown, gentle eyes...
It was at that every moment she realizes who she left behind, who had sent her home..

Was that an angel with wings gold and silver? She may never know, but she could feel as if he watched over her while her body healed for her, so she could open her eyes, so she could come home.
He had cared enough to let her go.

She smiles just a little bit as the dream starts to fade away, she looks up seeing the one man who had there all this time, who had been taking care of her, waiting, watching over her day and day out..
So that he could here, to see her open her eyes once more...
He knew in his heart that she would come back to him... Holding her hand as the doctor checks her over just to be sure...

Welcome back, she hears. Welcome back...

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Life Behind Closed Eyes of a Dreamer
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